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Chinese Yuan (CNY) Currency Converter


ECB Reference Rate CNY/EUR

Mid-market rates derived from the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates from global currency markets

Chinese Yuan (CNY) Foreign Exchange (FX) Markets & Reference Rates

St. Louis Fed
Chinese Yuan to One U.S. Dollar
Twitter Feed Tweets Yuan CNY Twitter Feed
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
Spot Rates
Federal Reserve
Daily Update CNY to USD
Deutsche Börse AG
FX, Frankfurt CNY
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Daily Rates CNY to USD
European Central Bank (ECB)
ECB Exchange Rate
European Commission
Accounting Rate CNY to EUR
Exchange Rates
Chart CNY
Google Finance US
Chart CNY

Chinese Yuan (CNY) IMF

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
SDR, Exchange Rates CNY to USD

Chinese Yuan(CNY) Money Supply

Money Supply

Chinese Yuan (CNY) Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasts
Signals: Buy, Sell
Danske Bank
FX Currency Forecasts CNY
Forecast USD/CNY and CNY/NOK
Rates and Forecast CNY
Financial Forecast Center
Chinese Yuan to US Dollar Currency Exchange Forecast

Monthly USDCNY Forecast